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Pre & Postnatal Wellness

Prenatal Care
Pregnancy is an exciting journey filled with many physical and emotional changes as you prepare for your little one to enter the world. As exhilarating as this experience is, it is not always comfortable. Over 50% of women will experience some type of back pain during their pregnancy. As many as 80% of pregnant women will experience some type of pelvic pain during pregnancy, mostly in the last trimester. Though certain precautions for treatment must be taken during pregnancy, there is no need for you be in pain or have any more stress on the body than necessary. Here are some common pregnancy related diagnoses and our specialty treatment programs:

· Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction including SPD 
· Back pain
· Pelvic pain 
· Varicosities


Postnatal Care

(after you are cleared at 6 week check-up)

· Scar tissue and adhesion management (episiotomy, tear, cesarean section)
· Orthopedic pain (SIJ, carpal tunnel, neck pain, back pain, pubic symphasis pain)
· Urinary and/or fecal incontinence
· Pelvic floor rehabilitation for tone and strength
· Pelvic floor rehabilitation for painful intercourse
· Correction of diastasis recti
· Manual biofeedback

Nursing Mothers

· Mastitis/Blocked duct treatment program



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