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Breast Implant Illness is REAL

An alarming number of women are coming forward with symptoms of breast implant illness (BII). The only way to relieve and possibly reverse symptoms is to have a complete (enbloc) capsulectomy followed by a detoxification process that is different for everyone.  There is hope! Many excellent surgeons are performing enbloc capsulectomy with a lift and fat grafting to enhance the breast, so there is no need to fear being disfigured in any way.

Following these procedures, we see women immediately post-operatively for manual lymphatic drainage that helps decrease local swelling and inflammation & may also speed healing.  When we have clearance from the surgeon, we can work on adhesions and scarring to help with fat retention, enhance shape of the breast, and address any range of motion restrictions or pain.  

  • Onset of autoimmune dysfunction/disease

  • Muscle and joint pain

  • Fatigue and weakness

  • Onset of allergies (food or environmental) 

  • Hair loss or decreased growth

  • Recurrent infections 

  • Onset of thyroid disorders

  • Onset of adrenal disorders

Breast Implant Illness


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