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Cancer Survivorship

Survivorship & Wellness

Sometimes the affects of cancer treatment can be just as exhausting and debilitating as the disease itself. Too often following these treatments, women and men are left with pain or limitations that they feel no one acknowledges, or that they must just come to accept. These treatments can also leave patients with pain, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, range of motion limitations, swollen limbs due to lymphedema, and decreased energy levels. At Lokahi Physical Therapy & Wellness, we perform a comprehensive screening and evaluation of our cancer survivors to determine an appropriate treatment program. Education and awareness is the key to healing.  We review precautions for lymphedema, train spouses and family members in soft tissue mobilization and wrapping techniques, and develop an individualized home program for exercises and stretches to keep you on the path of healing.


Here are a few Cancer Wellness treatments available at Lokahi:

· Pink Ribbon Program: Specialized exercise program created by a breast cancer survivor, that helps to fully restore upper extremity and core range of motion and strength
· Lymphatic massage and Manual Lymph Drainage
· Lymphedema treatment program: wrapping, home program, and fitting for garments
· Scar and adhesion mobilization at surgery sites or radiated tissues
· Visceral manipulation
· Pelvic Rehabilitation for sexual and bowel/bladder dysfunction
· Manual biofeedback to increased pelvic strength and awareness

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