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Holly is different from other physical therapists because of her ability to put patients instantly at ease. She consistently communicates & "checks in" with patients about pain/comfort levels, & she is friendly & approachable, even when the topic/reason for the visit might be something that most find awkward or uncomfortable discussing. I've received treatment from Holly that has led to significant improvement in a long-standing problem that previously, I hadn't even realized could be addressed or treated. I am grateful that my gynecologist made the initial referral for me to see Holly. My advice to someone seeing Holly for the first time...try your best to relax & be honest about your symptoms/concerns/questions, because you can be assured you are in capable & caring hands.

~Jessica L., M.D.

I am so grateful to have found Holly during a physically difficult time in my life. She is incredibly knowledgable, supporting in guiding her patients towards recovery, and has a way of making people feel very comfortable. I always felt comfortable asking questions, taking her advice, and truly believe she helped in my healing process.

~ Emily W.

Anyone who deals with chronic pain knows how frustrating it is when the next promised "cure" doesn't fix the problem.  I lived with chronic pelvic pain due to endometriosis and pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) for 13 years and tried everything to make it go away.  I finally had surgery with an endo specialist (always do your research and go to an endo specialist, ladies! Don't just try the first doctor who says he wants to operate!), which took away my endo pain. But I was still living with the PFD. My surgeon had suggested seeing Holly at Lokahi, but I put it off for a good six months.  Putting it off was the stupidest thing I ever did.  Physical therapy was perfect - it took care of the remaining vestiges of pain I had, and also got my colon functioning more properly (if you've had endo, you know what I mean). Another bonus was that having Holly tell me when my innards were inflamed helped me understand my own body better, so I could start saying "no" to things that caused the inflammation.

Seriously ladies (and gents - she doesn't discriminate) - if you have chronic pelvic pain, SEE HOLLY!  She is the best at what she does.  This is one "cure" that actually did end up helping my problem. So glad I went to her!

~ Rachel S.





I was initially referred to Holly by a prominent Newport Beach Spine Surgeon. He felt that Holly was extremely skilled in dealing with pelvic floor issues, as well as hip related issues, which I had at the time. When I first met Holly, I immediately knew I was in excellent hands. Her very warm, encouraging demeanor, as well as her professionalism, reinforced to me that I was in the perfect location for my treatment needs. It was quickly obvious to me that I had found a most compatible fit. As well, Holly was an excellent diagnostician of my problems. She set forth a plan of corrective action, which she modified, as my needs changed. Holly was tenacious in trying to find the source of my pain. She was intuitive and creative in her methods, making sure that she carefully listened and understood my pain issues. All the while, Holly was supportive, empathetic, while being extremely knowledgeable in using her Physical Therapy techniques. I had gone to three other Physical Therapists before having heard about Holly, thereby, having a basis of comparison. Holly’s performance was WELL above all those who had previously treated me. Her commitment and concern for me as a patient and an individual truly helped me deal with the emotional aspects of being in pain. Because of Holly’s therapeutic treatment of me, my pain level is now almost non-existent! Due to my great success with her, I felt privileged to have been able to recommend her to a close male friend of mine. That friend is absolutely delighted with Holly’s treatment of him. I am positive that he also would easily refer Holly to others, based upon his own therapeutic experiences with her. Holly’s new, beautiful treatment facility truly reflects her own personal essence: calm, lovely, nurturing, healing, with great attention to detail. Anyone who became Holly’s patient, (you would ALWAYS want her in your life!), would have a lifelong bond with her. I continue to thank her every day for having made my body and mental outlook better! She is a blessing!

~Vicki Morris, Newport Beach, CA


When it comes to medicine in this regard, integrity and character are the two factors that I always take into account before I even make a decision to visit an office.  Holly has integrity and character that allow her to be incredible at what she does.  I recently went in to Lokahi Physical Therapy and Wellness due to back problems that left me unable to bend over without severe discomfort and pain.
The office itself is very tidy and smells fabulous.  The design makes the whole space feel comforting instead of the intimidating feeling that some corporate offices tend to cultivate.  This is one of the benefits of a smaller practice like Lokahi Physical Therapy and Wellness.
During the appointment Holly was kind and incredibly easy to talk to.  Having a background in athletics, I've been to a lot of doctors and physical therapists, most of which have a bedside manner that is lacking.  Holly was wonderful the entire time.  Not only does she care about the quality of work she is doing, but she also cares about the patient as a person, not simply a client.
After a very relaxing and helpful treatment session, I've found that my back is improving and I'm able to bend over with less pain than before.  Also having had many treatments for injuries during my athletic career, I can definitely say that what she did seemed perfect given the problem that I have.  It's nice to have had a very relaxing, yet helpful treatment.
I'm returning to Holly next week and plan to see her for all of my physical therapy needs.  She's truly one of a kind and I cannot recommend her enough.


~ Lisa J.

Lokahi Physical Therapy & Wellness is an amazing experience. When my doctor suggested therapy for pelvic issues, I was a bit hesitant. There was only one name that came up over and over, Holly Horikawa. I spoke with my OB doc, two urologists, and two nurses and they told me that she was the one to see. (I was told that she is the top in her field and all of my doctors refer to her exclusively.) Well, let me just say, WOW. I have been seeing Holly for a few months now and I am a true believer. I have multiple issues and Holly has either put them in my rear view mirror or we are working on it. There are so many issues that can be resolved without surgery. Holly is every bit as good as her reputation. I am a walking testimony to her skills and knowledge. I tell everyone about it now, it's no longer a taboo subject. Her knowledge, in addition to her peaceful manner, has made huge improvements for me. What more can I say? She is the best!!!

A loving endorsement,
~ Peggy H. , Foothill Ranch, CA (USC Mom)

All I can say is Holly is wonderful!! I have been going to her during my breast cancer and reconstruction treatment. She is kind, has a caring heart, and full of compassion; however, she has the utmost respect and professionalism towards me. I also look forward to going to therapy to see Bianca's warm smile and her kind words as she greets me. What I truly appreciate and cherish is Holly's gentle, calming spirit as she works with me!!


~ Jan H.

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